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TEST specializes in the design and production of new solutions as well as the modernization and renovation of machines, devices and technological lines in operation.

Industrial factories

For over a dozen years, TEST has been designing, modernizing, renovating and manufacturing machines and devices for various industries, including: paper, food, heating plants, and cement. Our service teams are constantly present in production plants of many industries, ensuring the maintenance of lines and technological lines.

Waste management

We implement projects of ready-made waste processing lines and their individual elements, e.g. bag tearers, short glass line, devices for distributing preparations supporting biostabilization processes.

Technological Innovations

On the premises of the plant there is a hall intended for the implementation of research and development works. It is there that models of concepts developed by our designers are built. TEST is able not only to design, but also check conceptual designs in action.

On-site specialist services

The potential of specialists and the technical facilities of TEST allow for the implementation of individual services, including: